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We offer scent learning programs

Our  interactive scent learning program uses scent to help with memory recall, insomnia and day-to-day stress. Either in a live session or on a zoom link, we offer a dynamic program that
highlights the research on smell loss (anosmia) - referencing Tracy Pepe’s latest book, WHY the NOSE?  We focus on
a scent that is derived from natural plant essential oils. 


OUR goals

• Improve mental health by identifying different essential oils
• Smell, engage and listen
• Explore Scent Research on symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep Insomnia • Improve sense of smell & taste.

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All participants will receive an opportunity to smell from paper sticks, a safe and effective tool to capture natural plant-based aromas. Our Scent Kits offer the connection on-line or in-person.

Affordable Options

  • IN-person training or ONLINE - helping teams reach residents with a 75-minute live presentation.   Fees include travel expenses within the GTA area of Toronto, kits for 20 participants.

  • Extra fee's : Groups  over 20 people material fee

  • Therapy Kit Includes 20 essential oils, hand made wooden holder, a pack of scent sticks, copy of Why the Nose? & Workbook PDF - (records therapy session - 10 page booklet) 

  • Subscription – Year Program - Unlimited guests, quarterly visits in person - or on- line, assisting providers by adding new essential oils and training kits to replenish the program. 

  • Coming Soon The Scent App - offered only to subscription-based model, a fantastic way to track results of this program and engage with loved ones with the SCENT GAME.

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"Tracy brought with her approximately 20 different all natural essential oils for our residents to smell. She addressed my concerns about allergies and scent free zones. When I expressed my concern about my own extreme allergies she tailored the program to accommodate those concerns. The program was a great success thoroughly enjoyed by our residents." 

Louise O’Byrne
Activity Di
Woodhall Park Retirement Village






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