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“Through educational speaking event and services, I educate individuals on the benefits of essential oils and how they can use these aromas to support mental health and well-being. 

"WHAT IF - Scent changes how we feel?" 

Herbal Oils


Available in print and EBOOK.
Why the Nose asks the real question: Why are we not considering our sense of smell or the olfaction as a possible solution for some mental illness diagnosis. Tracy candidly discus’s olfaction and how scent impacts how we feel.
This book takes a scientific direction, connecting the overlooked issue of anomia as it relates to the COVID 19 pandemic.
This book will enlighten your sense of smell, increase your curiosity about olfaction and expand your knowledge on how scent impacts how we feel.


Over the last 30 years Tracy Pepe has been developing her superpower – the connection between mental health and our sense of smell.  As a perfumer, specializing with essential oils and aromatic chemicals, her career has defined her as a “pioneer”, curating various scent solutions to rethink practical synesthesia in architecture and interior design.  

In her TED TALK "How the Nose Knows", Tracy Pepe refers to the research connected to lack of smell and depression.  


We will be discussing the scents of prayer and meditation, how to use the various essential oils of Jasmine, Labrador Tea, Vetiver, Sage, and Patchouli to calm our minds. We will discuss the latest research and explore alternative ways to improve mental health. All ages are welcome.

Kits are avilable required. $40 we will ship you the scents we will be working with, a copy of Tracy's latest book WHY the NOSE, a taste of blueberry tea. 


" a single whiff can change everything"

Tracy Pepe

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