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Scent changes how we feel. The core of our efforts; educate individuals about the benefits of scent and mental health.  Teach the uses and benefits from natural scents derived from essential oils, plants and spices.

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Tracy Pepe, Canadian Perfumer teaches you to regain your sense of smell and taste after COVID. WHY the NOSE?, her new book is available in print for $19.95 or Ebook for only $2.95.  This is a smell learning guide to help those improve their sense of smell and taste. The connection to depression from loss of smell is an alarming result from COVID 19. If you’ve lost your sense of smell and taste from COVID, respected perfumer Tracy Pepe can teach you to regain it.  This book will enlighten your sense of smell, increase your curiosity about olfaction and expand your knowledge on how scent impacts how we feel.


Available in print and EBOOK.
Why the Nose asks the real question: Why are we not considering our sense of smell or the olfaction as a possible solution for some mental illness diagnosis. Tracy candidly discus’s olfaction and how scent impacts how we feel.
This book takes a scientific direction, connecting the overlooked issue of anomia as it relates to the COVID 19 pandemic.
This book will enlighten your sense of smell, increase your curiosity about olfaction and expand your knowledge on how scent impacts how we feel.


Over the last 30 years Tracy Pepe has been developing her superpower – the connection between mental health and our sense of smell.  As a perfumer, specializing with essential oils and aromatic chemicals, her career has defined her as a “pioneer”, curating various scent solutions to rethink practical synesthesia in architecture and interior design.  

In this TED TALK "How the Nose Knows", Tracy Pepe refers to the research connected to lack of smell and depression.  


A recent study by J.R. Lechien et al., (2021), suggests about 86 percent of people who have COVID-19 lose some or all their ability to smell. An ongoing Virginia Commonwealth University study (Reiter, 2021) shows 43% of participants who lost their sense of smell or taste due to COVID feel depressed with 87% of participants reporting reduced enjoyment of food. Why the Nose is a do-it-yourself book on smell training, a natural therapy using scents from essential oils and plant materials to increase your sense of smell and improve your mental health.


a single whiff can change everything...

Tracy Pepe



In person - meet the author

Join us June 11th for a book signing event at Gage Park - FarmersMarket in Brampton

June 18th - Meet the author with Brampton Library at Gage Park Farmers Market 



Scent changes how we feel, connect with Tracy through our live zoom classes, explore our YOUTUBE videos and learn how to improve your mental health with essential oils.WHY the NOSE will help you with Smell Learning

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